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Top 40 Hollywood Money-Makers

Americans are always fascinated by what other people make. If the other people in question are famous celebrities, everyone wants to know who’s making what. Here’s the scoop!

In a lengthy article entitled “Hollywood’s Top 40” (March, 2010 Vanity Fair) details of “who makes what” are given in an article that runs from page 272 to 275.  The list includes information on each individual, telling what films or television projects they were involved in during the preceding year, but let’s just cut to the chase and list them, as follows:

#1)  Michael Bay – $125 million

#2)  Steven Spielberg – $85 million

#3)  Roland Emmerich – $70 million

#4)  James Cameron – $50 million

#5)  Todd Phillips – $44 million

#6)  Daniel Radcliffe – $41 million

#7)  Ben Stiller – $40 million

#8)  Tom Hanks – $36 million

#9)  J. J. Abrams – $36 million

#10)Jerry Bruckheimer – $35.5 million

#11)Tyler Perry – $32.5 million

#12)Adam Sandler – $31.5 million

#13)Denzel Washington – $31 million

#14)Emma Watson – $30 million

#15)Rupert Grint – $30 million

#16)Owen Wilson – $29 million

#17)Nicolas Cage – $28 million

#18)Russell Crowe – $28 million

#19)Cameron Diaz – $27 million

#20)Brian Grazer and Ron Howard – $25.5 million

#21)Johnny Depp – $25 million

#22) Steve Carrell – $25 million

#23)Robert DeNiro – $24.5 million

#24)Sarah Jessica Parker – $24 million

#25)Katherine Heigl – $24 million

#26)Shawn Levy – $23 million

#27)Oren Peli and Jason Blum – $22.5 million

#28)Robert Downey, Jr. – $22 million

#29)George Clooney – $22 million

#30)Matt Damon – $22 million

#31)Reese Witherspoon – $21 million

#32)Angelina Jolie – $21 million

#33)Jennifer Aniston – $20 million

#34)Sandra Bullock – $20 million

#35)Robert Pattinson – $18 million

#36)Clint Eastwood – $17 million

#37)Kristen Stewart – $16 million

#38)Mark Wahlberg – $16 million

#39)Shia LaBoeuf – $15 million

#40)Brad Pitt – $13.5 million


Cancun Images: April 7, 2010


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  1. I love the movie of Ben Stiller which is There is something about mary, nice love story and comedy.`,’

  2. Thank you for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbour were preparing to do some research about that. We got a good book on that matter from our local library and most books where not as influensive as your information. I am very glad to see such information which I was searching for a long time.

  3. There are so many rumours about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, it’s hard to know what’s true or not. Can anyone say categorically if they are still together or not?

  4. Rock me, Rock you, excellent post!

  5. Pamela Rhodes

    At least these people provide entertainment for thousands of people, people who love the movies, like me. The guys on Wall Street make more than these people and they do nothing for anyone but themselves. In fact, their actions have hurt many families in this country, mine among them.

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