Both “Christmas Cats” Books #2 and #3 on Sale (E-book) Till Christmas Eve

The E-book versions of “The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats” and “The Christmas Cats Encounter Bats” are both on sale on a Kindle Countdown deal from today (12/17) through Christmas Eve for $1 off the normal ($2.99)

U.S. History’s Most-Insulted President

(*The following editorial opinion was first published on page 31 of the Chicago “Tribune,” an article written by Geoffrey R. Stone, who is a law professor at the University of Chicago.  It is important enough that it

Razzleberries Christmas Cats Appearance on Dec. 6, 2014

“Read Local” Appearance at Bettendorf Library on Dec. 10, 2014

Big Thanks to Hedy Hustedde at the Bettendorf Public Library and the hardy souls who came out to hear about “The Christmas Cats” series. Since Michael Shaugnessy of the University of Michigan had done a 14-page (!)

Holiday Appearances for The Christmas Cats

Aunt Neva Corcoran (Graves): How Did She Die?

The photo of the sunset was taken the day after Thanksgiving from the deck outside my home in East Moline (IL).   I always knew that my father, John Corcoran, Jr., had 3 brothers (Harold, Edgar and

The Christmas Cats in Silly Hats: “Life Is Great; This Book Is Better”

  I was checking on Amazon to see if there had been any “new” reviews of the newest Christmas Cats book. I’ve sent out about 20 FREE copies, and I even experimented with setting the price (temporarily)

New Review of “Khaki=Killer” from Andy Andrews on “True Review” Website

KHAKI=KILLER by Connie Corcoran Wilson. Quad Cities Press (, 2014, 235 pp., no price listed, ISBN 978-0-982444-82-5. Click here to purchase. Tad McGreevy, the young protagonist of KHAKI=KILLER and in the previous two novels in the series,

Christmas Cats Series Book Named One of Best Books of 2014 by Chicago Writers’ Association

“The Christmas Cats” series ( has a new entry for Christmas this year entitled “The Christmas Cats Encounter Bats.“ It is Book #3 in the series and available on Amazon (in both paperback and Kindle versions) as

Hillary Clinton Campaigns for Bruce Braley in Davenport (IA) on Oct. 29, 2014

Davenport, IA, Oct. 29, 2014 – I drove over to the Hillary Clinton appearance in support of Democrat Bruce Braley’s race for Tom Harkin’s soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat this evening at the Davenport (IA) River Center. I was