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Celebrating A Birthday On A Balmy July 6 Night in Downtown Davenport, Iowa

Judy DeJonghe

Happy Birthday, Judy! 49 again?

Shouldn’t we all celebrate our birthdays with old friends?

Of course we should, and we did.

Dinner at Monarch (which is hard to find, but has lobster roll) and cocktails at Up, which is on top of the downtown Davenport hotel (Current).

And lots of funny stories from many years of friendship and fond memories.

Judy looks 20 years younger than she is. Picture proves it. A good time was had by all.

Getting from the restaurant to the top of the downtown Davenport Current

Current Hotel, downtown Davenport.

hotel was quite the adventure, as the river crested on Saturday and much of  River Drive was impassable (under water). We  had a really circuitous route to get home for sure.

I’ve taken some photos of our friends Bob and Judy and of the rooftop.

Craig Wilson, Bob DeJonghe, Judy DeJonghe.

Three classmates from the Alleman class of ’63: Craig Wilson, Bob and Judy (DeJonghe).

And then there’s the black Angus statue inside the hotel.

Crowd at "Up" in downtown Davenport.

The group on July 6, 2024.

"Up" on top of the Current Hotel

The place filled up later on.

Don’t ask.

Craig Wilson, Connie Wilson, Judy DeJonghe, Bob DeJonghe

Four old friends.

Evening atop the Current Hotel at "Up"

Towards evening on a beautiful night,

Connie Wilson

Admiring the view of the Mississippi.


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  1. skwilson9876

    Looks like a wonderful evening celebrating lifelong friends!!!

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