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Short Story Collection “Hellfire & Damnation” Poised to Hit Stores in February

HD2I wanted to share, with loyal friends, the “mock-up” of a trailer that is under construction for my debut short story collection, entitled Hellfire and Damnation. Eventually, there will be a website entitled www.HellfireandDamnationthebook.com and this link will be posted as a trailer on that website.


For now, you can watch the trailer as it progresses from its initial “mock up” by professional trailer maker Kim McDougall of Blazing Trailers) to a finished product. (We’re still tinkering with it.)
I’m awaiting the publisher’s (Sam’s Dot) news of the ISBN number, but, until then, I’ll be working on the promotional aspects such as this trailer, bookmarks, post cards, etc. Look for me to be announcing book signings in the area in February/March.

While it is true that I have written three books of short ghost stories (Ghostly Tales of Route 66, Vols. I, II and III) the requirements for that publisher are that the stories be very “family friendly.” There is a definite formula involved, which is not the case with my short story collection organized around Dante’s Inferno and the various sins punished at each level of hell.

Stay tuned for further developments as Kim and I refine the trailer and continue keeping you posted on the book’s progress. Right now, all I know is that it will retail for $9.95, that you will be able to order it from www.HellfireandDamnationthebook.com and from sdspublishing.com, as well as possibly by phone and from the master site (www.ConnieCWilson.com). I hope that it will also be “up” on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.


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  3. Daniel Neumiller

    Connie, it looks like you’ve another great book for your loyal followers. The trailer is chilling enough to grab those on the verge and bring them to the dark side if only to enjoy your tales of Hellfire and Damnation. Great Job as usual. Take Care. Dan

  4. Pamela

    very nice cover and trailer

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