If you are a resident of the Quad Cities, you might find it interesting to learn that the Schilling/Bustos race in the 17th Congressional District in Illinois has attracted $9.2 million in Super Pac spending.

The closest to it is the 11th District (Biggert vs. Foster).

After that the money comes out in this order in the Congressional races in Illinois:

$6.6 million in 12th District involving Plummer vs. Enyart

$6.4 million in 10th District involving Dold vs. Schneider.

$6.3 million in 13th District involving David vs. Gill.

And, last, and, surprisingly least, $5.5 million in 8th district with amputee veteran Tammy Duckworth running against the bombastic Joe Walsh.

Of course, all of this pales next to the 333 ads a day now running in Ohio. Still, without all that SuperPac money, which has surpassed $2 million in Illinois’ top 6 competitive Congressional races and has allowed Tea Party incumbent Bobby Schilling to send out a newsletter that makes him look like a Democrat, angering many true Democrats who received it, and, also, to put out a false ad accusing candidate Cheri Bustos of having anything to do with a road to Short Hills Country Club (to which she does not even belong).

And so it goes.