“Khaki=Killer” is on a virtual tour of several blogs and the first review is in, from Kristina Lenarczyk in Canada, the second stop on the tour (the total itinerary for which I will list at the bottom of this reprint of Kristina’s review of ALL THREE of the books in “The Color of Evil” series).

Without further ado, here are Kristina’s remarks on the series and on “Khaki=Killer:”

“I received these books as part of a blog tour, specifically of the third book, but that does not influence my opinion.

Something that I really enjoyed about the first book was that it got into all of the details for many characters. In the beginning there were chapters dedicated to each character, giving the reader different information on their past and ideas on their personality. It is such an easy novel to get into because it grabs your attention and keeps you interested.

The writing throughout this series is easy to read, and the chapters are short, so it is easy to fly through. This author did a fantastic job of getting you interested in each of the character’s lives, and you feel strong emotions towards all of them—both positive and negative.
Throughout the continuation of this series (“Red Is for Rage” and “Khaki=Killer”), it is evident that the writer finds her groove into the story, thus leading the reader to get even more involved.

I must inform you, however, that there is some darker, more adult content, including murder, sex (primarily only alluded to; not graphic), and child molestation, so be aware of this if that is not something you are fond of reading.

In my opinion, the third novel was the best of the three, because it wrapped everything up nicely, leaving few questions unanswered.

This is a series I would for readers around 17 or older because of the content, but it is an overall great series! You may find it odd that I am recommending such a strong series during the summer, but it is a good read because it is a quick one. Plus, guess what! Book #2 in the series (RED IS FOR RAGE) will be FREE on Kindle June 26th through June 30th. Make sure you pick it up!

Overall, I really enjoyed this series!”

(Kristina Lenarczyk, “Let’s Talk About Books!” blog (http://theprincessgummybearreviews.blogspot.ca/2014/06/the-colour-of-evil-series-review on 6/25/2014)


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