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Obama in Iowa City on March 24: Protesters Abound

ICObama-0111 Don Blackford,, Federal Government Employee from Omaha (originally from Logan, Iowa): “I’m just here for the Constitution…what is right…what is wrong…” The protester below stood outside the University of Iowa Fieldhouse with his sign, which correlates with the fact that 13 states are attempting to sue to stop the new Health Care bill.

ICObama-015ICObama-003ICObama-022ICObama-023Judy Holle of Davenport, Iowa, an Obama supporter, wears a shirt that says, “I voted for Obama and all I got was this historic victory on health care.” On the back of the shirt was a message supportive of cancer survivors.


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  2. Pamela

    It’s sad to see so many angry people.

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