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New Review of “Hellfire & Damnation”

 The following review appeared on March 3 on Lisa Binion’s blog. It is of the second book in the “Hellfire & Damnation” series, which precedes H&D III about to go on tour.

Hellfire & Damnation II – A Review

Remember the nine circles of hell written about in Dante’s Inferno?  From a frozen corpse bent on revenge to the horrors awaiting an organ donor, Connie Corcoran Wilson takes one on eleven terrifying trips through these dark regions.

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The Stories:
“Cold Corpse Limbo” – I’m sure you’ve read stories where a person wronged is bent on revenge.  What about a dead person?  Sure, some have come back as ghosts or been reborn as vampires, werewolves, or zombies, but what about a corpse?  The corpse of one man is out for revenge.

The creepy cover brings to life the cold corpse of Ole Monson.  His dead hand reaching for the cross while he peers through the top of his casket is enough to send chills down the spines of many.  Me?  I love it!  The cover promised creepy, somewhat horrifying stories, and it delivered on its promise.

“The Shell” – A young lady on vacation with her family likes to lay on the beach.  Little does she realize that she is being watched by someone who isn’t quite all there.  Once kidnapped, she finds strength she hadn’t realized she possessed, but is it enough for her to get away?

“Tempus Fugit: Resurrection Cemetery” – A woman has a meeting with a bartender at Chet’s Melody Lounge to talk about Resurrection Mary, the local ghost, and the cemetery.  What could go wrong?  Well, there is something about this bartender she doesn’t know.

“The Champagne Chandelier” – For some people, their greed continues even after they are no longer alive.  Can having too many objects be considered gluttonous?

“A Spark on the Prairie” – What was it really like between the Indians and the white men during the frontier days?  This tale takes you back to 1833 to take a closer look at the experience one tribe of Indians had with these new settlers.

“M.R.M.” – How long does it take for a woman to drive her husband to the edge of insanity?  Once he goes over the edge, what will he do?

“A Bridge Too Far” – A person’s spouse can drive one to the edge of insanity, but other people can push one there too.  Have you ever known a person who was convinced he knew it all?

“Letters to Claire” – Family secrets are brought to light in this tale.  A brother finds evidence of an extremely high paid doctor bill left behind by his dead sister.  What was it for? Was it the reason for her death?

“Room Service” – Do not ignore the writer.  If you make one mad for too long, the consequences could be deadly.

“Oxymorons” – Political corruption and murder run rampant in this tale.  If you know too much, will you be killed?

“The Bureau” – Love, infidelity, and betrayal all play their part in this chilling tale.  It might make you think twice before becoming an organ donor.

My favorite out of this collection of stories?  There is no way I can pick a favorite, but I can tell you which four stories I liked the best.  They are “Cold Corpse Limbo”, “The Shell”, “Room Service”, and “The Bureau”.

Favorite Sentences
Had my blood not been frozen, it would have boiled in indignation.

He is mumbling and his breath stinks of old mushrooms that have rotted.

Her eyes remind me of vampire movies where Dracula can hypnotize by merely staring into the eyes of his victims.

Who would have predicted that by nightfall I’d be a murderer?

New Words Learned:
incautious – not cautious; careless; reckless; heedless

sacristy– a room attached to a church or chapel where the sacred vessels, vestments, etc, are kept and where priests attire themselves

palapa – a simple, thatched-roof dwelling, usually open on the sides

banquette – a long bench with an upholstered seat, especially one along a wall, as in a restaurant

keened – wailed or lamented

appurtenances – accessories or equipment

I was sent a copy of this book free of charge by the author in exchange for an honest review.  If you would like to purchase your own copy of this book, all you have to do is click on the Amazon link below.

Amazon link: Hellfire & Damnation II


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  1. Scott

    Nice review! Positive but yet not giving away the overall plot or twists and turns that will take place.

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