Friday, December 20, 2013

The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats

by Constance Corcoran Wilson,
Art by Gary McCluskey

I am honored today to be a part of the Virtual Author Book Tours for the review of The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats.

In The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats
, the Christmas cats have been sent to an Environmental Lab to control the Christmas rat population. Once there, the cats discover that the Christmas rats are actually nice guys and that they do an important job.

I love Christmas books and my children do too. They look forward to each year after Thanksgiving when I put away their Thanksgiving books and get out their Christmas books. They have standard favorites (they love when their Daddy reads them The Grinch Who Stole Christmas), but they love just about every Christmas book they can get a hand on.

They were excited when The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats by Constance Corcoran Wilson showed up in the mail. Not only do they love Christmas books, but they also have two cats, Mr. Rufus and Miss Baby. They were pleased to see that two of the Christmas Cats matched their cats, one grey and one orange.

My seven year old son, Kile, pronounced it a good book. He is in second grade and thought it was an easy read. He said his favorite part was that he loved the “festive” hats on the cats.

My five year old son, Daniel, loved this book and has had us read it to him many times. He is in Kindergarten and can’t read it for himself yet. He loves the story a lot, but his review is that he believes it is more of a lesson story than a Christmas story. He likes the lesson that we should be nice to everyone.

My three year old daughter, Penelope, also has enjoyed listening to this story several times. She really likes the cats and how they match her own cats. She likes the pictures a lot and likes the moral of the story.

I thought the story was an interesting and unique one. I liked how it was set in an environmental testing lab and explains the important job that the mice do. I also thought the moral of the story, to be nice to everyone, is an important one. I thought the illustrations were cute and clever.

Overall, The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats is a unique and fun story to share with the family. You can enjoy it even after the holidays for its great lesson!

Book Source: Author Constance Corcoran Wilson for review as