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Jason Castro, “the Loopster” Departs “American Idol” on May 7th

Jason Castro, AKA \

I’ve taken to calling Jason Castro “the loopster.” His loopy answers and attitude perhaps coincide well with his comment that “I’m a fun guy. I hope I can convey that to the American public.” After that video clip on the Wednesday night show, Jason is seen saying, “These are terrible answers.” He proves that his answers were, indeed, terrible, by saying (of the song from Andrew Lloyd Webber week), “I didn’t know a cat was singing it. Oh, boy!” Maybe a good idea to look into the origin of the song you are singing, from the musical “Cats!” which might have provided the Loopster with his first clue.

Earlier on May 7th‘s “American Idol,” the four contestants remaining (David Archuleta, David Cook, Syesha Mercado and Jason Castro) were flown to Las Vegas’ Mirage Hotel to see “Love,” the Beatles extravaganza on a private jet. Jason is shown reclining on a bed in the back of the private plane saying something about how it is so cool. (spelled “kewl,” in the Loopster’s case).

A large portion of the show was taken up with callers, ranging from 24-year-old Emily in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who asked David Cook out on a date when the “American Idol” tour hits her town (David said, “We’ll see.” My mom always said that when she meant no.) to 45-year-old Marla who told Simon Cowell he was “sexy and intriguing” and should be “the next James Bond.”

The performing group for the night was “Maroon Five,” and the soloist who returned to “American Idol” from a previous year’s competition was Bo Bice, who announced that he and his wife are having (or have?) a new son.

The Loopster got in a few good lines before departing. As Ryan Seacrest introduced him as having sung “most of Tambourine Man,” he said, “Somebody told me I shot the Tambourine Man,” (a reference to the two songs he selected on Rock & Roll Week, “I Shot the Sheriff” and “Mr. Tambourine Man.”)

Jason seemed genuinely glad to be leaving and left with the comment that he thought “My inexperience has just been coming through” and “Dreams do come true, so dream big.”


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  1. Thanks for sharing, great site and keep it up. I will be back!

  2. ANNE

    I am very glad the “Dred-Man ” is gone. His vocals have been weak and his star-(potential) power, even weaker. Now Idol is down to three real talents – – – I think America will ultimately settle on David Cook, even tho David A. has a better voice….As usual, Connie, your comments make me smile…. :-)

  3. Stacey

    I liked Carly :(. I wish Carly was still on . She was tons better than Jason. But now…… I’m going to say I like Syeesha best. She’s like a young blooming Whitney Houston. She can improve still with her pitch but she will be good. David Cook is the most original I think, but I don’t like his rocker sounding voice as much. David A. has the best voice but he’s kind of dorky and boring. We’ll see what happens!!!!!

  4. Pamela

    I missed this elimination episode of American Idol but I saw the performance preceeding it and I felt that Jason was the weakest. In fact, I have felt that he has been the weakest for some time. BRING BACK CARLY! Jason’s songs all sound the same to me. Does that mean he has no range? Maybe. However, I’m not a professional singer so I can’t really say. I like the two Davids best; I have for a long time. I prefer David Cook because along with having a beautiful voice, he is more mature than David A. I like David A very much; his voice is amazing but he is still a boy. What will he be like a five years? I hope (and I believe) that he will still be performing publicly. We all have something wonderful to look forward to.

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