On Wednesday, March 31, 2010’s version of “American Idol,” Didi Benami bit the dust. She had endured a horrific critical drubbing at the judges’ hands on Tuesday, March 30th.

For her “save” moment, Didi chose to sing a different song (“Riannha”) than the one that had hung her out to dry on Tuesday night. It didn’t matter. The judges were unmoved, as Didi’s appearances had been up-and-down throughout the competition.

At the beginning of the program Reuben Stoddard, who won the title 7 years ago (in a fight to the death with Clay Aiken) and promptly sank from sight, sang. We were also subjected to a song by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, which showed the rest of the world America’s image of what an “American Idol” would be:  half-clad girls in black bustiers dancing with the white-clad Diddy, who was sweating bullets by the end of the number and admitted he had stage fright. (“I haven’t done this in a while.”)

At the beginning of the night, promos for Clash of the Titans (a remake) obscured the screen. The ensemble number that featured Kung Fu Fighting was lame and cheesy. A shot of purple-pink hair glued to the back of Michael Lynche’s bald pate was just about as classy. (Later Michael picked Ryan Seacrest up, physically, when he tried one of his “This is surprising” announcement moves on the large crooner/trainer.

Ryan Seacrest seemed to be more annoying for Simon Cowell than normal this night.  Simon actually said to Ryan, “You are really getting on my nerves tonight” and, at one point, said, “This is not the Oprah Winfrey Show.”

The lowest three vote getters this night were Tim Urban, Didi Benami and Katie Stevens. With Didi gone, Tim and the almost-always-off-key Katie Stevens.

And the snake that is “American Idol” continues to swallow its victims while slogging towards the end of this worst-of-all seasons.