photo1MA32003905-0001We live on a wooded lot in the Illinois Quad Cities, approximately one mile from the Mississippi River. Wildlife does exist on this border with Iowa, and, in our case, deer are sometimes seen strolling across the street that runs by our court street (Kennedy Drive) and I once saw a bear crash past our bedroom window and into the ravine. (Although no one believes me regarding that; I have been accused of dreaming that.)

I was not the one who saw the deer pictured here. I have to give full credit to my husband, who was home playing with his new IPhone “S.”

We had attended the “soft opening” of the brand new Sam’s Club at the foot of Kennedy Drive on August 19th, and husband Craig—who still had a flip phone from the eighties, I think—-would have been able to purchase an IPhone “C” for $27 IF they had had any. (They didn’t; I paid $500 for mine at the Verizon store at Avenue of the Cities.)

I think my spouse had the distinction of being the first-ever credit card sale at the telephone area (or so they claimed) and, given the amount of time it took for him to complete the deal, which cost roughly $100 (it is an IPhone “S”, newer than mine), I believe it. We strolled the aisles, bought food, outfits for the twin granddaughters and I even signed up for (yet another) credit card.

Fortunately for both of us, I had the foresight to buy a book on using your Iphone a long time ago—although I still haven’t gotten around to reading all of it. I did read enough of it to know how to put the fingerprint ID stuff in, and it has held my husband’s interest ever since, as he downloaded the flashlight app (I didn’t even have that one), etc.

At some point in the afternoon, while I was across the Mississippi River having my nails done in Iowa, these two deer decided to take a leisurely stroll through out backyard. Since Craig was there, with his new phone in hand, he decided to try to get some pictures and the ones you see here he took with his new IPhone “S.” At some point, he walked outside on the deck (you can see the back of a lawn chair in one photo). The deer were not phased at all. They merely looked at him with curiosity. He was afraid they might eat the hostas and other plants that bordered our deep ravine that goes down 1/2 mile. They did not.photo5MA32003905-0005


I have seen deer in my mother-in-law’s back yard one street up at 3rd St. A (a house that is currently for sale, by the way)  but I have never seen them quite so close to my own home previously. Mainly, I’ve seen them bolting across Kennedy Drive towards the neighbor’s gazebo,always in multiples.

So, without further ado, I hope this picture of the deer in our backyard entertains you. I hope you’re not one of the hunters who routinely trek out to Scott County Park to shoot them. I realize they can become pests, but, for me, today, I was just glad that the deer were here.