The Norwegian "Epic" (holds 6,000 travelers).

The Norwegian “Epic” (holds 6,000 travelers).

Our trip to Spain, Italy and France began with a journey on Lufthansa to Munich and Barcelona. Then we set off on the ship pictured above, which held roughly 6,000 people (5,000 tourists and 1,000 staff) and is the 4th largest at sea.

I would have posted as we traveled to Pompeii, Rome, Florence, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Monaco and Mallorca, but I only had the wireless on the ship to use, so I could not upload the pictures, which I’ll do now with some comment, for my first post(s) since the “Rolling Stones” on the Fourth of July in Indianapolis.

I am still recommending to one and all that they celebrate their birthday MONTH, not just their birth day. If you live to be 100, that only gives you 100 days of specialness. If you live to be 100 and celebrate the entire month in some small way, you exponentially expand your chances for fun (100 x 31 = 3100).

Give it some thought. It doesn’t have to be a BIG celebration (although this one was); it could be something as simple as having a Starbucks or a massage or some special “perk” that you allow yourself to enjoy.

So far, it’s been working out well for me, and I will conclude by listening to Paul McCartney sing from 7:45 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Lollapalooza in Chicago and by taking delivery of 2 new couches there.

My thanks to all who wished me well on my “day(s)” and please be aware that I hope you have as happy a day/week/month as I have had.