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“American Idol” of Feb. 26th Promotes Adam, Allison & Kris

The results are in for this week’s “American Idol” competition, as announced on Thursday night’s February 26th program on Fox.

Ryan Seacrest announced that there were 25 million votes, up a million from last week’s voting, and all of the would-be finalists sang a group song (“Closer”) before the results were announced, Norman Gentle/Nick Mitchell got off one funny line when asked by Seacrest what he would do if he were cut. He said, “I’m looking for employment always.”

There were no surprises.  Sixteen-year-old Allison Iraheto, who sang “Alone” by Heart, was the best of the girls, and she was given her ticket to ride first. She then re-sang her Tuesday night song selection. Clad in a dress that was too tight, with high, thick red heels and a black dress with a red-and-white polka dot top, she comes across as a biker chick who can really sing.

As I had speculated on AC in my article yesterday, America’s teenaged girls vote for teenaged boys. Therefore, Kris Allen beat out Megan Joy Corkrey this night, but I would not be surprised if Megan were to be brought back for the “wild card” competition, and I feel the same way about Matt Giraud the piano-playing Kalamazoo, Michigan native

The most accomplished, most talented, most confident performer of the entire competition, Adam Lambert, made it through and if you take a look at his previous work (on YouTube) you’ll see why. Not only does he have range and talent, he is an experienced pro when compared to, say, a church music director from Wisconsin. His rendition of “Crazy” online is, well, crazy. A performance of “Dust in the Wind” (also a Youtube video) shows me that we are at least going to have some really wonderful entertainment to look forward to on future “American Idol” programs. I would pay money to hear this guy sing right now, as he has the polished sheen of a professional performer, which is due to the fact that he IS a polished performer, who has appeared in “Wicked” on Broadway, among other gigs. As another interesting sidelight, you can find some interesting Youtube video footage of Allison Iraheto singing in Spanish. Check that out online before next week’s show.

So, for me, I’m doing better with my predictions, so far, this year. So is “American Idol”, as the attempt to vote Nick/Norman through by the online site “Vote for the Worst” failed.


Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheto and Kris Allen Advance on “American Idol’s” February 26th Program


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