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Three-Day Birthday Extravaganza in Chicago

Just returned from a long weekend in Chicago celebrating a birthday and attending various events.

First, there was the Cubs/Cardinals baseball game, covered in a previous entry.

Next, there was a luxurious dinner atop the Hancock Building, in the Signature Room.

The view from the 95th floor is, of course, spectacular, but this particular night the rain we had just experienced (and, possibly, smoke from fires somewhere?) meant that the view was not as clear as one would have liked.

Still, the food and service were excellent and, even though we went early (5:30 p.m.) we didn’t miss out on any sunsets or fantastic views, because of the weather. It was really odd, because, on television, Wrigley Field as having a rain delay, but where we were in the South Loop it was sunny. Go figure.

After the dinner and dessert, we went home and had a birthday pie (chocolate, of course). We had tried to buy a white cake at the Jewel store, but our choices were a chocolate cake with Elmo on it or one that said, “Happy Sixth Birthday.” I’m not

averse to shaving some time off my age, but that might be pushing it!

On Sunday—which was the real birthday date—we went to see the play based on “Tommy: The Rock Opera.” It was at the Goodman Theater and it was spectacular. The New York Times had raved on about this show, saying, “Why is there nothing like this in New York City?” The innovative use of special effects was truly unique and all of the cast had terrific voices. The entire place was sold out and they received a standing ovation.

Afterwards, we had an early dinner at Petterino’s, which is attached to the Goodman Theater.

I want to thank my close family and friends for the kind birthday greetings. I thoroughly enjoyed the three-day extravaganza.

Granddaughter Ava.


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  1. Scott

    Good times had by all!!!

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