images3What’s to be said about the “American Idol” Thursday night program, where 2 boys and 2 girls were axed?

General observations: I was glad to see Tyler Grady go, but, in a way, he was right when he said that the “advice” to quit being a Jim Morrison poseur came “too late” to help him. Kara absolutely crowed about how “cool” he was during the early stages of the competition, and I think Tyler had enough of a big head before that. The film of him practicing in cowboy boots, white socks and a bathrobe pretty much says it all. I was not sorry to see him go. The “cuteness” and “humbleness” factor saved the other lowest vote getter, Alex Lambert. It is poor Alex who had only performed about 3 times in local coffee shops, before his Idol audition. Obviously, Tyler has been posturing as the Lizard King and others for a while. Simon said he acted as though he had gone to “Rock Star School” on the boys’ night. So, good-bye, Tyler, and don’t let the door hit you in the fake leather pants on the way out.

The other boy eliminated was Joe Munoz. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy, but that didn’t work for him. He needed some of the animal magnetism of Casey James or the cute fresh-faced attractiveness that kept Tim Urban in the competition, when he was definitely one of the weakest, vocally.

Now, as to the girls’ elimination. Big mistake there. Eliminating Ashley Rodriguez, one of the prettiest of the girls who had the “total package” and who can be found singing as Ashley Benami online, seemed unfair. I have to admit, after saying that, that her farewell song did not really move me.  None of the girls really stood out much (although I liked Crystal Bowersox), except that Katy was way off key during her entire performance and seemed to be channeling her elderly grandmum. I do not understand how she was able to stay, while Ashley was voted off.

Last girl to go was the blonde rumored to be Tim Teabow’s (Florida quarterback) girlfriend, Janell Wheeler. There was a quick shot of Janell making a funny face, which just made her appear unattractive. Then a quick shot to Mom. Janell was never going to win this thing, so I can live with her sudden death in the competition, but she seemed better, to me, than some others.

As I was driving all the way across the state of Illinois (width, not length), I was listening to Adam Lambert’s album and to Melinda DoLittle’s album. I was immediately nostalgic for last year’s great talent, especially after both Allison Irahito and Chris Allen performed. This year’s crop looks very pale and dull, by comparison. I looked forward every week to seeing what outrageous thing Adam would do THIS week. And Allison, the gutsy Hispanic rocker chick, was equally intriguing. I even pine for the days of the Dueling Davids: David Cook and David Archuleta.

Even the “hits” on AC are down this year, which may be due to the Olympics in Vancouver, or it may just be that this year’s crop isn’t cutting it

There is no one in the entire crowd, with the possible exception of Crystal Bowersox (for the girls) and Lee DeWyze (of the boys) who I really even care to hear sing again. I’m not that “ga ga’ over Casey Jones. Big Daddy Mike Lynche isn’t doing anything much for me. I did enjoy watching Todrick Hall own the stage, but I had no idea what he was singing (and, as the judges said, neither did they).

I was happy to see 2 things I had said echoed by Simon Cowell: 1) Angela Martin should never have been cut and (2) this year, the girls are stronger, which he was quoted as having said in the New York Post.  After mentioning that, however, I am very disappointed in almost all of the girls, so far. I do think that Katelyn Epperly will step up, as Crystal Bowersox already has, but I really pine for the Dueling Davids and/or Adam Lambert/Allison Irahito days. And when Simon leaves? What then?