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Texas’ Lt. Gov./Texas’ Attorney General: Time for Changes Here?

Posted By on Mon, Dec 7, 2020 at 3:20 PM

From San Antonio; Reposted on Tuesday, Dec. 8th


  • Wikimdia Commons / Gage Skidmore
  • Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

After telling seniors they should be willing to risk contracting COVID-19 to protect the economy (see previous WeeklyWilson article), Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick doesn’t seem to be willing to make a similar sacrifice to serve in the Texas Legislature next year.

Hereford cattle on LBJ Ranch.

Patrick, 70, who presides over the upper chamber, informed state senators Friday that people testifying before committees may need to register three days ahead and take a quick-turnaround coronavirus test 24 hours before they’re allowed into the Capitol building, the Texas Tribune reports.

During past sessions, people have been able to sign up and speak on the same day.

Patrick, a Republican, discussed the safeguards on conference call with the Senate Democrat Caucus, the Tribune reports. During those discussions, Patrick he wants the National Guard to conduct the tests, handling 10 to 12 people per hour.
Such caution seems at odds with Patrick’s partisan pronouncements about COVID earlier this year during TV talk show appearances.

In addition to telling grandma and grandpa they should be willing to risk death to save the economy, Patrick downplayed Texas’ infection numbers and accused the media of ginning up panic. He also dismissed warnings from Dr. Anthony Fauci, saying the nation’s top infectious disease expert “doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

And, to top off the crazy from Texas, where I currently am, the Attorney General of Texas, who is under indictment for Securities fraud and under investigation for bribery, filed a lawsuit alleging that the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona shouldn’t be allowed to confirm their votes on today’s “safe harbor” date (Dec. 8th) which comes in advance of the Dec. 14th vote of the electoral college. Supposedly, the man is angling for a pardon from the departing DJT and is a huge Trump loyalist.

Grape Creek Winery

It is Texas officials like these that drive one to travel far into the countryside (Fredricksburg) and visit wine tastings in the middle of the day on a Tuesday. Time for a change, politically, perhaps?

It was 75 degrees out today and, from the highway (I-290) we could see people swimming in their pool! We also decided to take a leisurely drive through LBJ’s old ranch, something the spouse and I had done but the son and daughter had not done.
Tomorrow, it is supposed to be 82 degrees. Not sure if this is a record, but it certainly beats the Illinois temperatures on a December day.
Aside from the wine tasting, daughter Stacey has traveled to Austin to be with us and her brother took off half a day of work to join us on our wine-tasting adventure. Then, we watched Iowa (#3 nationally) beat North Carolina (#16 nationally) in basketball. Following that, the younger members of the family got in the hot tub, but—once the sun went down—the evening temperatures did not convince me that I’d be warm enough.

LBJ Ranch, with deer.

I re-started my subscription to the “Austin Statesman” newspaper (REAL newspaper) and it was to have started this morning.

It didn’t. (Sigh)
[Other observations above from Sanford Nowlin who writes for the digital edition of the San Antonio paper.]

Nashville, TN: Labor Day Weekend

Nashville's scale model Parthenon in Centennial Park.

We’re here in Nashville and have been visiting the Parthenon, a left-over from the Nashville Centennial Celebration and other points of interest.

There was a Friday night beer-tasting event in a park, similar to others held in 14 other cities. It was well-attended, and various beers could be sampled.

After the event in the park, we attended a concert by a group called “Westfolk.”  The band consists of lead singer Oscar Anthony of Chicago, who resembles Abbie Hoffman of the 60’s. On guitars and synthesizer is John Shaw. Brady Surface plays bass guitar, Ross Ridgeman helps with vocals and plays keyboards, Jared Ziemba and Houston Matthews on drums round out the group. We met Houston’s parents, who were in town from Little rock, Arkansas. Dad was frantically trying to Skype the concert “live” to Houston’s girlfriend in Los Angeles. Houston was definitely my favorite of the musicians and the last encore song was the best.

Tomorrow we plan to drive to a glass exhibit by the world renowned Dale Cihuly, whose last name I have probably just misspelled. Wish us luck!

On the Road

We’re on the road again. This time, we’re driving to Nashville for the Labor Day holiday.

The husband has purchased a brand-new Hyundai Tucson. He seems quite taken with it. I would have kept the Cadillac. I have found one nice thing to say about it: the color he selected looks nicer than it did online where it looked horrible.

We drove for 4 hours and are in Effingham, Illiinois.

You have to wonder, if “Effing” a euphemism, as when ex-governor Rod Blagojevich uses it? If so, how do the city fathers feel about the co=opting of their name by Hot Rod?

We watched “Get Him to the Greek” on the in-room movies. Rather crass, but not much else worth watching, unless we wanted to venture into the documentary about Joan Rivers’ life or “Life in Wartime.” It was a compromise pick.

Tomorrow, on to Nashville, TN.

Las Vegas Sites Occupy WeeklyWilson

Paris Balloon

I’ve been in Las Vegas lo these many days past, taking in Jay Leno’s show at the Mirage, the Beatles “Love” show, and watching then film an episode of “Prison Break” in our hotel, Planet Hollywood.

The gambling did not go so well for Yours Truly, although the husband claims to have won $700. (One never knows.)  I was content to watch the Olympics, which began the day we arrived (8/08/08) and to tour friend

Dan Decker’s new downtown theater project, where he hopes to mount plays in as little as twelve weeks.

I have beaucoup photos to post, if and when I can figure out what happened to the cord I need to use to post them. For now, suffice it to say that the group of 8 enjoyed all the sights and sounds of Sin City, and, despite the fact that our luggage was lost for a while and we had to fly through Lincoln, Nebraska and Denver, Colorado and then fly back at midnight, a good time was had by all.

Preview: St. Louis Arch Article Coming Soon…

City View from Top of St. Louis Arch

View Near ArchPod to Top

Husband Holding Arch (Atlas Shrugged)

Arch Among Trees


Live from Cancun!

     This will be a stream-of-consciousness post from the sunny beaches of Cancun, Mexico, where I will be until April 19th.

      Yesterday was the “Welcome Party” at the Royal Sands. Free booze, dancing, music, etc. Most of the men in the party were over-served and perhaps some of the women, as one of our party (not me) had to lie down and that shot our plan(s) to go to “Coco Bongo,” the local nightspot that has lavish live shows. Those of you who saw “The Mask” with Cameron Diaz and Jim Carrey saw “Coco Bongo,” as they filmed some of it there.

      Two couples have taken off for downtown, but I am going to walk to Kukulcaan Plaza, the older mall, and see about having some loose stones set, which I puchased last year. That is my pattern: stones one year; mounting them the next. This year, a necklace and earrings will result, if the price of gold has not become too expensive. Always have the mounting done in Mexico, not the United States. One year, I took the stones back and had them mounted at home, and it was hugely expensive, by comparison with doing it here.

     Tomorrow, there will be a “free” taco party at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, and then the day will be beach time and, at night, “game day.” We have actually brought a game called “Mexican Trains,” and I brought not only cards but a version of Trivial Pursuit. Plans call for dinner in the room and games to follow, unless someone is over-served again at the free Taco Party.

     After tonight’s dining at the J.W. Marriott next door (which used to have an “All-you-can-eat lobster buffet”, but no longer does), we’ll take a lobster dinner cruise on Wednesday.

     On Thursday, we will again re-visit one of the new restaurants that rose from the ashes of the hurricane: Puerto Meridian or Ponto Meridian. Know where it is; not sure of exact name. Lovely ambience and good food.

      Continuing a long-time tradition, we will hit a local spot known for its Robert Louis Stevenson chairs and dine-in-the-garden ambience: “L’Habituella.” I have probably mispelled this, as well, but I can report that the name means “the green bean.” It has twinkle lights in the trees and wonderful lobster bisque, but be prepared to shell out the greenbacks for same.

     More from the beach next week! It’s in the eighties and great here!

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