images43My Prediction of March 10th:
So, who’s going home? Should be Andrew and Aaron…. alphabetically, at least…with an outside chance that Todrick isn’t the favorite of the teenyboppers of America who actually pick up the phone and vote. And, of course, there is one other contestant whose name begins with the letter “A,” and I wouldn’t weep Big Crocodile Tears if he were to be the one eliminated on Thursday, March 11th.

That quote, readers, was my prediction for those who would be cut on Thursday, March 11th, 2010, of the 8 boys still in competition on “American Idol.” So, who actually got cut of the boys?

Not surprisingly (to me) Alex Lambert and Todrick Hall. As you can see (above), I had mentioned that Todrick might not be the favorite of teenyboppers who actually pick up the phone to vote, and (apparently) he wasn’t. Todrick, to his credit, took it like the pro he is and delivered a great farewell Queen performance. Alex Lambert, the sweet young thing who was the second boy cut, didn’t weather the rejection quite as well and looked very teary-eyed. He struggled with his national farewell song, too (“Saved by a Woman”). I had predicted that those whose names began with the letter “A” were in trouble, and this proved to be true for Alex Lambert. Andrew Garcia and Aaron Kelly made it through, while the far more-polished performer, Todrick Hall, was sent home. I think that’s why he was sent home. Todrick is good, he knows it and his confidence is off-putting for those at home trying to vicariously live the experience through the experiences of these contestants. If you’re too cute or too good or too confident, America hates you.

Welcome to the real world.

In the elimination round for the girls, neither of the girls who had been “bad” last time out was cut (those being Katie Stevens and Paige Miles). Instead, Katelyn Epperly of West Des Moines was let go first. Katelyn, wearing long silver and black dangly earrings said, “It was definitely a great experence (not being cut, but being on the show).  For me, it’s going to be a big push.” She looked teary while hugging her comrades after singing her final song.

It was very surprising that Lilly Stevens was cut, but singing “I Fall to Pieces” by Patsy Cline to an audience that probably doesn’t even know who Patsy Cline was might have been a mistake. Lilly had been a big favorite of the judges since Day One, but whether she was a Big Favorite of the kids watching at home was debatable. Tonight, the debate was settled with the seating of the very vulnerable-seeming but not-that-consistent Katie Stevens, instead of the seasoned performer who has been “busking” in the streets for coin. I think the judges would have looked for Lilly and Crystal to go all the way to the end for the girls, with a strong challenge from Siobhan Magnus. To have Katie beat her out was just plain wrong…but, then, to have Todrick sent home because he’s good, knows it, and projects that confidence onstage, is equally wrong.

Lilly made the comment that there was some “incredible talent going home tonight,” and I think she meant herself and Todrick Hall. For that matter, I’d have picked Alex Lambert over Andrew Garcia and/or Aaron Kelly, but the Final 12, for better or for worse (and, this year, it’s for worse), were:

1)       Didi Benami

2)      Siobhan Magnus

3)      Paige Miles

4)      Crystal Bowersox

5)      Lacey Brown

6)      Katie Stevens

7)      Tim Urban

8)      Lee DeWyze

9)      Casey James

10)  Michael Lynche

11)  Aaron Kelly

12)  Andrew Garcia

Of that number, the Final 3 Boys should be Lee DeWyze, Casey James and Michael Lynche and the Final 3 Girls should be Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus, and anybody except Katie Stevens, picked on this night (March 11, 2010). Going head-to-head for the crown, I’d say, will be Crystal and Lee, unless something extremely weird happens during the upcoming nights of the competition.

Speaking of which, a piano duo of Billy Joel’s “Tell Her About It” featured Matt Giraud and Scott McIntyre in the middle of the eliminating.  Matt was Mr. Personality. Scott announced he has a new album out of his own songs and it’s orderable from his website, too. (You gotta’ love those websites where you can sell your work directly to adoring fans.) I have a couple myself, and  has a trailer featuring the short story collection. (And you don’t even have to listen to me sing.)