Some musings from Chicago, where much is happening.
First of all, Harry Belafonte is in town tomorrow night (Saturday, August 1st) at the Gene Siskel Theater in honor of a Film Noir fifties movie he made many years ago. How cool is that?
Second, the Chicago Cinema is planning a “salute” to Quentin Tarantino for fall. He will bring his misspelled movie (Inglourious Basterds) to Chicago and there will be a film montage of his more famous films. Only problem is the cost, which, at the low end, is $50 for the film alone and at the higher end is about 3 times that for the complete social night out.


Third, a review by Art Winslow of a book entitled Methland by Nick Reding (Bloomsbury, 255 pages, $25) is set in Oelwein, Iowa, 12 miles from my old hometown. The title of the section 3 article on Thursday, July 30 in the Chicago Tribune was “How Drugs Destroyed an American Community.” I’ve ordered the book, so I’ll report more on it in the future.


Fourth, apparently The Dead Weather, the new Jack White (The White Stripes) band, played here at the Vic just a few nights ago. Those who want to know more about this band, made up from members of The Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, and, of course, the White Stripes, can access my comments on their new CD, “Horehound” and on their first ever concert in New York in April by going to it on