KHAKI=KILLER by Connie Corcoran Wilson. Quad Cities Press (, 2014, 235 pp., no price listed, ISBN 978-0-982444-82-5. Click here to purchase.

Tad McGreevy, the young protagonist of KHAKI=KILLER and in the previous two novels in the series, is back. The task this time: track down two missing girls, Heather Crompton and Kelly Carter. Both were abducted by sociopath and Vietnam vet Declan Hunter and taken to an underground bunker. Declan doesn’t appear to want to kill them – but simply wants to keep them hostage, as he claims too many people have “deserted” him in life.

Meanwhile, the clown psychopath Pogo is still after Tad for the events in the previous books. But Tad’s visions, based up on Tetrachromatic super vision, allow him to “see” the color of evil and ID evil (which he sees as the color of khaki).

Wilson moves the plot along with a lot of subcharacters/plots from the previous two novels. She keeps you in suspense and the Pogo character remains terrifying.KHAKIKiller Andrew Andrews