Some mysterious person messed with WeeklyWilson in September.

GoDaddy got right on that and now, in December, after shutting me down for a week, WeeklyWilson is back up and running.

The Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer

This is good, because, currently, my 6 children’s Christmas books are either reduced to FREE or 99 cents on various weekends from now until Christmas. Please sign up where indicated and you will receive a notification. I know that Book #1 has already been given away for FREE (but only for 3 days) and Book #2 was reduced to 99 cents (but only for 3 days) and most of the give-aways are happening on the weekends between now and Christmas, but, quite frankly, it has been quite frustrating to be talking to the PTB 3 times a day and learning that the “problem” was “the servers.” All this happened over Thanksgiving, when we were traveling to and from Texas for Thanksgiving and to hear the Rolling Stones at the Circuit for the Americas.

I hope to print more about that potentially final performance (maybe their last big stadium performance?), but, for now, I simply wanted to weigh in and indicate that we are back and are “live” and you, too, can pick up some e-books for a song if you sign up where indicated on the blog.

My apologies that it has taken until December (since September’s incident) to “fix” this. (Sigh)

Always when I’m promoting a book. It never fails.

[Just printing a picture of Jennifer Lopez to cheer you all up. It has nothing to do with my blog woes.]