We’re on the road again. This time, we’re driving to Nashville for the Labor Day holiday.

The husband has purchased a brand-new Hyundai Tucson. He seems quite taken with it. I would have kept the Cadillac. I have found one nice thing to say about it: the color he selected looks nicer than it did online where it looked horrible.

We drove for 4 hours and are in Effingham, Illiinois.

You have to wonder, if “Effing” a euphemism, as when ex-governor Rod Blagojevich uses it? If so, how do the city fathers feel about the co=opting of their name by Hot Rod?

We watched “Get Him to the Greek” on the in-room movies. Rather crass, but not much else worth watching, unless we wanted to venture into the documentary about Joan Rivers’ life or “Life in Wartime.” It was a compromise pick.

Tomorrow, on to Nashville, TN.