These three ships were lined up alongside the dock a few days after the arrival ceremonies.Recently, 30 to 50 “Tall Ships” sailed to Chicago and assembled at Navy Pier. It is an event that happens infrequently—-not for at least 4 years or more— and, when these old-fashioned sailing ships all assemble, tourists flock to the site to take their pictures, as I did. I know from my friends in Pub Quiz Trivia Room on AOL that some had set out from England to make the journey.

Unfortunately, to actually stand alongside the ships will cost you $15. To climb onboard, as you see happening with one ship, will cost you even more. To park your vehicle for a weekday in the Navy Pier parking garage will cost you a flat rate of $20 and, if it’s a weekend, it will cost you $24.

Red Sails in the Sunset.

I rode my bike to Navy Pier and you will have to forgive the fact that the shots are from further away on the Pier where we freeloaders could take the shots without ponying up $39 just to park and take a couple of photographs.

You can see the passengers aboard this Tall Ship.

Ship with Chicago skyline in background. A replica of the Mutiny on the Bounty ship was among the Tall Ships, but not on display this day. The ships stayed only 4 days.