Some time ago, I was asked to send in THE COLOR OF EVIL series for review by the Midwest Book Review.

Today, the review arrived in the mail, noting that it would appear in the August, 2014, issue of the “Small Press Bookwatch.” It has also been posted with the Cengage Learning interactive CD-ROM series “Book Review Index”, published four times yearly for academic, corporate and public library systems. It will also be archived on Midwest Book Review’s website for the next 5 years (

Here is the review: “The first of a paranormal thriller trilogy intended for young adult readers, THE COLOR OF EVIL documents author Connie Corcoran Wilson as an imaginative and skilled novelist with a total mastery of her genre. A solid entertainment from beginning to end, THE COLOR OF EVIL is highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library collections. It should be noted that THE COLOR OF EVIL is also available in a Kindle edition. Also very strongly recommended are the two other titles in this outstanding trilogy: RED IS FOR RAGE and KHAKI=KILLER.”

At Book World inside Southpark Mall the third book in what has become an ongoing series (rather than just a trilogy) was offered for sale by the author with the opportunity to receive an autographed copy on Saturday, August 9th, 2014. All 3 books are available on Amazon (@ Connie Corcoran Wilson).

Next up is Connie’s trip to Writers for New Orleans from August 28-31, a benefit for the city wracked by Hurricane Katrina.


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