Middle Man

Genre: Dark Comedy
Director: Ned Crowley:
Actor: Jim O’Heir (“Parks & Recreation’s” Jerry Gergich)
104 minutes

“Middle Man” is a film from the twisted mind of Chicago native Ned Crowley, starring another Chicago native, Jim O’Heir, who appeared on “Parks & Recreation’ as Jerry Gergich, the lovable punching bag.

This wickedly dark comedy follows Lenny, a nerdy accountant searching for stand-up comedy fame. For, as the opening quote from Fatty Arbuckle says, “No price is too high to pay for a good laugh.”

En route to Vegas following the death of his mother (with whom he lived), Lenny picks up a mysterious hitchhiker who lures him into a violent killing spree that accidentally turns him into a comedy sensation.

Distribution is still pending so a capsule review is all I can offer at this time. But here’s a picture from the evening:

Jerry O'Heir (Lenny in "Middle Man" and Jerry Gergich on "Parks & Recreation") at the Chicago Film Festival.

Jerry O’Heir (Lenny in “Middle Man” and Jerry Gergich on “Parks & Recreation”) at the Chicago Film Festival.