images41Ode to “American Idol,” 2010

John Park is in the dark

Haeley’s right behind him

Michelle has gone; she did her best

Jermaine’s gone back to hymns.

The final 16: there they are

I’m still a fan of Lee’s

I also like that Crystal girl

And Siobhan’s cool with me.
Expect the ads to start up now

With cars the kids are driving,

And, after that, we’ll lose a few:

While others will be thriving.

I’m picking Lee and Crystal girl

With Katelyn, Siobhan, Lilly.

I think we’re going to watch some go

Say: Paige, Tim, Alex, Silly.

I cannot see how Katie stays

I’m not real big on Andrew

Lacey’s pale and rather stale

Didi’s on life support, too.

But Katelyn’s there, Chicago style

With Lee and Paige and Casey,

Crystal’s shining like a star,

This picking drives me crazy!