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Things I Learned at the Nail Shop: Annette Bening as Super Hero

When you go to the nail shop in Austin, you are surrounded by technicians who mainly speak to one another in Vietnamese (at least, I think it’s Vietnamese). Otherwise, you have only the large flat-screen television to occupy you. I learned that Annette Bening is going to be a Super Hero in the Marvel franchise—or, at least, that’s what the talking heads said, and it set off a fair amount of discussion amongst the three women and two men onscreen at the time.

 Annette Bening is being touted as a Super Hero for a Marvel movie. This caused a phenomenal amount of interest on the program I was watching (don’t know the name of it; think it’s local). The African-American young man, who had been talking about tickets to go backstage at a Justin Timberlake concert by signing up somewhere, posed the rhetorical question, “Which would you rather see? Annette Bening in a Marvel movie or Justin Timberlake?” (Please… May I phone a friend?)

It could be a very funny “riff” for “SNL” to take on this rumor, as all the icons of yesteryear seem to be fading into oblivion, since “Vanity Fair’s” Editor for decades,Graydon Carter, recently retired and the rumors are also rampant that Anna Wintour (memorialized, fictionally, in the film featuring Emily Blunt,  “The Devil Wears Prada”) may have just attended her final Met Gala. (Oh, the humanity!)

When you couple the above news with Elton John announcing that he is not going to tour any more after his final tour and the many headline names (Tom Petty, to name one) who shuffled off this mortal coil, often very unexpectedly, you begin to see the future. It is filled with Kanye (West) moments. And Justin Timberlake, who gave up bringing sexy back to going all woodsy on us and giving us a perfectly forgettable Super Bowl Halftime Show. [If my choices are watching Annette Bening in anything and Justin’s Super Bowl show, I’m going for Bening. (Sorry, Justin.)]

I was recently offered a deal where I could stream old classic movies for a monthly fee. It was suggested to me, in particular, because I review film, and, of course, how could I be “up” on ALL the movies of the past. (How could ANYONE be “up” on all the movies of the past, is more like it; I think I’m pretty solid on anything from 1955 on, but I’ve been outsourcing the Marvel epics.)

I need to make you aware of the soy bean crisis and the teacher crisis, so pardon me while I leave you with these images of the potential Super Hero at Sixty (birth year: 1958) and the interesting fact that her parents, staunch Episcopalians, were from Iowa. I wonder what they thought when they heard she was marrying Warren Beatty, then known as the World’s Biggest Womanizer?

New Year’s Eve (Times Square): Freezing with Lionel Richie

nyelate-009Lionel Richie just completed his set and Kellie Pickler is hanging on to the iron barriers the police spent all afternoon setting up. The temperature, with wind chill, is around 5 degrees. Ryan Seacrest, in his earmuffs, looks better than Luke Russert and Carson Daley in hats.

Some time ago the daughter (and friends) took off for Madison Square Garden to hear “My Morning Jacket” play. I took her to hear them on a bill with Dave Matthews, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals, Jurassic5, and Neil Young during a MoveOn.org concert for Kerry lo those many years ago (Ames, Iowa). She saw them at Bonaroo. The friends from school traveled here by bus and train to hear them again and decided that freezing outside in the cold was less desirable than going to a concert at Madison Square Garden, so they are gone, having fun, we hope.

nyelate-002Before they left, via subway and bus, she delivered 2009 glasses ($6 a pair) purchased from vendor’s around Times Square.

We are fortunate because 7th Avenue, the street shut down for the festivities, with stages and the ball, itself, at the end near the DoubleTree Guest Quarters, will allow us outside the door to watch the ball drop soon, without our having to become penned cattle for the entire 8 hours of waiting that some have endured.

Here are a few shots of the night.

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