During the Chicago Film Festival (Oct. 7-21) I had the opportunity to meet and greet several famous folk.

One was Guillermo del Toro, who was very sweet and sincere. Another was Ron Perlman, in town to give Guillermo an award. Then there was Forest Whitaker, Cecile DeFrance (the Belgian star of “Hereafter”), David Schwimmer, Alan Cumming and the assorted stars of “Trust,” a David Schwimmer-directed film. There was also Danny Boyle, the director of “Slumdog Millionaire ” and “127 Hours.”

Ron Perlman in the background and Guillermo del Toro on the Red Carpet at the Chicago Film Festival.

Director Danny Boyle ("Slumdog Millionaire," "Trainspotting") after the premiere of "127 Hours."

Danny Boyle and I chatting after "127 Hours;" I gave him a copy of my new book "It Came from the '70s: From The Godfather to Apocalypse Now."

Cecile DeFrance, female star of "Hereafter" and me, after the Chicago premiere of Clint Eastwood's new film.

Chicago critic Richard Roper and Cecile DeFrance, star of Clint Eastwood's "Hereafter."

Ed Burns, Director of "Nice Guy Johnny" and "The Brothers McMullen," hits the Red Carpet at the Chicago Film Festival.

Ed Burns at the Chicago Film Festival.

Guillermo del Toro onstage.

Lianna Liberato, who won as Best Actress for her part in "Trust" at the Chicago Film Festival.

Alan Cumming on the Red Carpet at the Chicago Film Festival.

Alan Cumming, who plays Eli Gold on "The Good Wife," gave interviews only to television.

David Schwimmer directed "Trust" at the Chicago Film Festival; he's better-known from his "Friends" role of yesteryear.