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4th & 5th Days at Sea: Mediterranean Cruise

2015-07-23 00.37.58

At Cagney’s Steakhouse on board the “Epic” cruise ship on July 23, 2015, on my birthday.

Fourth day was my birthday. We opted to sleep in and miss Florence ( been there/done that.) Heard the crowds were horrible and it was hotter than hell from those who journeyed in, which meant a 4-hour round-trip bus ride.We stayed onboard and used the casino. I was given a $25 free chip to bet (on one hand) which I immediately lost. Nestor, the bartender, set us up with free champagne in honor of the day, which was very nice, but we had the UBP—Unlimited Beverage Package—part of Norwegian’s “perks” to lure us aboard, so the “free” drink would have been “free,” anyway. (Thanks, anyway, Nestor!)2015-07-23 15.11.23

After resting up from the onslaught, we took off on July 24 at 7:15 a.m. for an 8-hour tour of Cannes, Monte Carlo and Monaco.2015-07-23 15.12.34

The first part of that statement strikes fear and loathing into my heart; the latter part (Cannes, Monte Carlo, Monaco) has yielded the pictures you see here.2015-07-23 15.27.58

I think this was my favorite stop of all, with the possible exception of the Pompeii tour (which was only 4 hours long.) Craig holds out for Majorca as his favorite, but that’s still coming up in a post for another day.2015-07-23 15.20.41

So, without further ado, here are some pictures of both the area of Cannes (we had to take small boats in to the port…tinders), Monte Carlo and Monaco.2015-07-23 15.18.03

The lavish casino you see was used to film “Casino Royale.” It should be noted that we saw Prince Albert go by in a limousine and our tour guide, Lucy, (whom no one could understand) was in complete awe, as she had never seen Prince Albert.

A "Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! slot machine in Monte Carlo.

A “Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! slot machine in Monte Carlo.

We told her to invite him onto the bus and tell him to “leave the driving to us.” (Ha!)

“An American in Paris” by Pamela: Cannes

Why did I go to France?  For most of my life I have wanted to be able to speak French.  I studied French in high school and I majored in French at the University of Iowa but even after all that study, I could not speak French, at least, not very well.  I enrolled in the American Institute for Foreign Study and on September 14, 1997, I arrived in Cannes, France to begin a two week orientation before my trip to Paris and the beginning of my great adventure. Here are some views from my room at the International College of Cannes and across the street on the beach of the French Riviera.

window-2-50.JPG               terrasse-ii-50.JPG  


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