Through no fault of mine, the KDP give-away days were changed to July 9-13. I apologize, but, in one day, I had to do battle with Amazon, Staples and Facebook, not to mention a large hotel in NYC.
It’s still free, but hurry out and download it after you read this.

I haven’t posted much lately. as I’ve been busy trying to download nearly 1,000 articles that Yahoo is going to take down at the end of the month.

This came about when Yahoo eliminated their “Voices” section, for which I was named Content Producer of the Year (2009) for my coverage of Obama’s run for the presidency.

The other reason is that I am in the midst of a Virtual Book Tour with Teddy Rose of Virtual Author Book Tour, and I leave for ITW (International Thriller Writers’) Conference in New York City on Thursday, 2 days from now, where the book cover for KHAKI=KILLER will join those of other thriller writers on an easel in the lobby of mid-town Manhattan’s Hyatt Grand Central Station.

July 8th is my youngest child’s birthday. Happy 27th birthday, Stacey, wherever you are (which I think is Las Vegas.)

Please go out and download a copy of KHAKI=KILLER to your kindle or your computer. If it rises to the front page, more people see it and the novels become better known. Many of you know that KHAKI=KILLER is the third book in THE COLOR OF EVIL series, with RED IS FOR RAGE being the second.

Also, I am trying to win a “best cover” competition sponsored by a book site. The winner will win some free advertising on the site, which would be helpful.

I have 3 entries in Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, which are the covers for KHAKI=KILLER, RED IS FOR RAGE and HELLFIRE & DAMNATION II. I also have one entry in the children’s books section, which is the cover of “The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats.”

I entered four of MY favorites. What are YOUR favorites?

The cover art for both KHAKI=KILLER and HELLFIRE & DAMNATION II is by Vincent Chong of the UK, one of the world’s best cover artists who frequently works for the likes of Stephen King and has done covers for Ray Bradbury and William F. Nolan. Gary McCluskey is the illustrator for the Christmas Cats books.

If you enjoy THE COLOR OF EVIL series, consider posting a good review (5 stars is best) on Amazon. Sales are deeply influenced by feedback from readers. So far, KHAKI=KILLER has 19 reviews and they average 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Here is the link for voting (and viewing) for your favorite cover: Comments will help decide which covers get to the second round

Thank you for (potentially) putting that link into your browser and voting for your favorite of my covers.

I have 3 book covers entered in Mystery/Suspense/Thriller and one in Children’s books. Here is the link to vote: