KHAKIKiller[From the online magazine “Nameless” by William F. Nolan (“Logan’s Run”) comes this brand-new review of KHAKI=KILLER]:


Here is book three in Connie Wiilson’s award-winning ¬†paranormal thriller series, following The Color of Evil and Red Is for Rage.

The story is set in a high school (Sky High High School) in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and the complex plot involves a serial killer, kidnap victims, a pregnant teenager, a dying girl, a climactic Mano-a-Mano fight on a bridge, a collapsing staircase, and a main protagonist (Tad McGreevy) who possesses a special power (Tetrachromatic Super Vision) that allows him to read good or bad auras.

Wilson keeps the action moving briskly in a tight time frame from December of 2004 into June of 2005.

Having been a teacher for more than 30 years, she knows her subect. (Her first book, in 1989, was a volume on teaching for Performance Learning Systems, Inc.)

Says Wilson, “My true inspiration for this book was a double homicide that took place in the real-life setting of Cedar Falls, Iowa.”

Wilson’s style is non-intrusive, grounded and smooth. ¬†It more than gets the job done in holding a reader’s attention from front page to last.

I’d advise you to grab a copy of Khaki = Killer for yourself and one for the teenager in your family.

Trust me: you won’t be sorry.

(William F. Nolan, reviewer, and author of “Logan’s Run,” Nightworlds” and numerous other novels and short stories.)