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Hawaii Writers Conference

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Live from Cancun!

     This will be a stream-of-consciousness post from the sunny beaches of Cancun, Mexico, where I will be until April 19th.

      Yesterday was the “Welcome Party” at the Royal Sands. Free booze, dancing, music, etc. Most of the men in the party were over-served and perhaps some of the women, as one of our party (not me) had to lie down and that shot our plan(s) to go to “Coco Bongo,” the local nightspot that has lavish live shows. Those of you who saw “The Mask” with Cameron Diaz and Jim Carrey saw “Coco Bongo,” as they filmed some of it there.

      Two couples have taken off for downtown, but I am going to walk to Kukulcaan Plaza, the older mall, and see about having some loose stones set, which I puchased last year. That is my pattern: stones one year; mounting them the next. This year, a necklace and earrings will result, if the price of gold has not become too expensive. Always have the mounting done in Mexico, not the United States. One year, I took the stones back and had them mounted at home, and it was hugely expensive, by comparison with doing it here.

     Tomorrow, there will be a “free” taco party at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, and then the day will be beach time and, at night, “game day.” We have actually brought a game called “Mexican Trains,” and I brought not only cards but a version of Trivial Pursuit. Plans call for dinner in the room and games to follow, unless someone is over-served again at the free Taco Party.

     After tonight’s dining at the J.W. Marriott next door (which used to have an “All-you-can-eat lobster buffet”, but no longer does), we’ll take a lobster dinner cruise on Wednesday.

     On Thursday, we will again re-visit one of the new restaurants that rose from the ashes of the hurricane: Puerto Meridian or Ponto Meridian. Know where it is; not sure of exact name. Lovely ambience and good food.

      Continuing a long-time tradition, we will hit a local spot known for its Robert Louis Stevenson chairs and dine-in-the-garden ambience: “L’Habituella.” I have probably mispelled this, as well, but I can report that the name means “the green bean.” It has twinkle lights in the trees and wonderful lobster bisque, but be prepared to shell out the greenbacks for same.

     More from the beach next week! It’s in the eighties and great here!

Cancun: Here I Come!


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