beachdropoffThirteen of us descended on Cancun for the (annual) trip to the Royal Sands and Royal Islander properties.  Some went to Coba (pyramid site in the jungle) today, but I contented myself with falling down on my way into the pool and watching “American Idol” in Mexico, courtesy of a Michigan station. Here are some pictures of the trip. The first one shows the drop off to the water from the beach, caused by the resort’s putting in $40 million of new sand after the beach was severely damaged, both by weather events and by erosion. This was done after the Hurricane in 2005, but it has become necessary, again, and the drop-off to get to the water is about 5 feet.

AvaEnjoysBirdAva (in hat) is 14 months old and was completely fascinated by the parrot that was being “posed” with various tourists (here, another little girl). She could not quite figure out what was going on with that bird on that little Asian girl’s head. The men with the bird did not want anyone else to take a picture of their bird without paying pesos for the privilege, but we “papparazzi” have to get pictures of the small fry in our party when and where we can.

HannahAva Cousin Hannah Nelson takes Ava for a swim in her “floatie.” Ava’s twin, Elise did not take to the floating toy quite as readily, but Ava was up for birds or water or sand or whatever you threw at her.

Cancun2010006 Dad Scott holds Ava…who gives the camera a winning smile…at dinner at La Dolce Vita on Easter Sunday.

girlsinsand What’s a little sand among friends when you’re only 14 months old?

Elise laughs out loud, while Ava plays with her foot on the beach at the Royal Sands, Cancun, Mexico.

parrotcloseup Polly want a cracker….and $6 dollars US for a picture with the blue bird perched on one’s head or shoulder or other portions of one’s anatomy.

ParrotsMan Parrot Entrepreneur holds parrot preparatory to collecting cash for the purpose of posing with the blue bird.

sandonshuldershot Elise makes some adjustments to the sand on Ava’s shoulder, while they share the beach outside the Royal Sands on Easter break.

sleepingbabies When you’re outside all day and you have duties with parrots and sand and keeping your sister out of trouble, it takes it out of a kid. The girls are totally flaked out poolside in their stroller.


Sister-in-law Wendy (Wilson) from St. Louis and I share a smile as we

debark from the van, where Wendy was loaded in like luggage. (That’s

what happens when you are trying to transport 13 people at a time!)