I spent part of today watching a screener of a documentary entitled “Woodsride” by Sadie Ford.

I can’t review this documentary until March 13th, but I can share with you the quote that is super-imposed at the beginning of the film:

“Brother, told me about a physical law that teases me: the Doppler effect.

The sound of anything coming at you—a train, say, or the future–has a higher pitch than the sound of the same thing going away.

Like all falling bodies, it constantly accelerates.

But I would like to, some day as I’m growing old, hear it as I’m hearing it now, as if coming at me, instead of hearing it as I would from memory alone, my life going away from me.  A somber sound of defeats accepted, griefs borne and hopes deferred.

I will look back at pages of my youth and find the light I found then now dim in memory.”

(Sadie Ford, March 3, 2014, Director of “Woodsride”)